Hello All,

I am Kaomi Kia.

As a young child I began writing in journals about my day, my thoughts, and my trials. As the years passed, the journals filled. I planned to take what I wrote about my life and publish a book.  I  hoped to help one person be able to make it through life's obstacles with my words.

Fast forward many years and many advances in technology later, I am able to share my story with the world as I live it.  My purpose is to Encourage, Inspire, and Enlighten those who read my words, impacting their lives for the better.

I am not a pastor or an apostle. I am sharing my testimony because God's grace is the only reason I am here today. Because of God's grace He has put me in a place full of so much favor I could not have imagined. Whether you are a believer or not I hope that you find some Encouragement, Inspiration and Enlightenment here. Because every day is another day, another chance to make a change or difference in your life and in others.

And this is why I change...

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