Grow Up

Grow Up

Hey Ladies, have you ever had so much you wanted to do that you feel excited AND overwhelmed at the same time?!

It’s like a world of possibilities has been revealed to you. Maybe you can write well, or you sing. You can cook bomb food, and during the quarantine you can vlog it all! But then it hits you, you have that zoom meeting at 1. You gotta feed the dog. Annnd Your children need help with their homework. When do you have time to do these amazing things and still get the necessities of life done? Do you neglect your dreams or do you neglect your household?

Ladies, organization is real. Honestly I thought being organized was only for certain personality traits. “Oh she’s neat and organized, oh he’s OCD and likes things in order.” Well I was the “free spirited type”, “a tornado flew around my room before you came” type. The ” I know where everything is theres system” type. I have been fighting to really hunker down and become organized. My husband and I looked for the best planners, I bought pens and high lighters, just to find them months later thrown in some corner of the room. I’ve tried technology, writing a new to do list every second in my google keep, or setting a million reminders just to ignore all of them to push the guilt away.

As a newly 26 year old woman, I need to grow up and do the dang thang. I have too much I want to achieve for me and my family to be a “free bird” any more. I realize being organized doesn’t mean I have to change my personality. I can still be that whirlwind of a woman, loving intensely, and laughing loudly. I need to set my life straight in a way that will help propel those goals, dreams, and errands so that it can run smoothly for my family. Of course there will be times where the schedule will change or I miss one day due to an emergency. This is the time I need to write down my plans and make them plain.

Don’t be afraid to make changes to get where you want to be in life. Usually the changes we make are the ones we have been avoiding for some time.

It’s another day another chance to make those dreams, come true.

Habakuk 2:2
“and the Lord answered me, and said. Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.