Another Day, Another Chance...



Hey Ladies, it’s another day, another chance…to re-write this blog.

     Mhmm, what I originally wrote was lost or the app deleted it, I’m not sure. But I am going to keep my head up and write again. I wrote about how fear keeps us from speaking. It is a tactic used by the enemy to keep our mouths shut. It is our responsibility to not fall into that trap of believing that we cannot do something, or we aren’t smart, holy or perfect enough to talk to someone about Christ or our testimony. I almost missed my chance Ladies.

How it began…

     I went to the movies with a friend and she was filling me in on somethings she liked and learned at her church back in her home town. As she is speaking to me I have a few things going through my mind, and one of them is the fact that what she is telling me is not the true word of God.

     Now at this point I am thinking if I tell her I don’t agree with what she is saying she might get upset, or think I am a snob…so I stay quiet and listen. I just nodded my head and listened.

When realization hits me in the face…

     Once I get home I talk to one of my pastors and she did what I did with my friend…she listened. But then she did what I did not have the guts to do and told me that I should have spoken up and let her know the truth. She was right…if I could not speak up about my faith and what I have been taught from the word of God how was I going to be the light for God I so desired I to be?

Back in Action

     I immediately called my friend and told her that I had listened to what she said but I wanted to tell her the truth. I told her about what I had learned, how it changed my life and my relationships. It made me realize God created order to protect us, not to restrict us. And you know what Ladies? She was thankful I had called her told her my testimony! She was not angry at all.

     I will be writing another blog on the subject we talked about, but for now I want to urge you Ladies to not be afraid to speak. If the opportunity comes for you to share your testimony or share the true gospel do it! We were made to do so!


And this is why I change…

2 Timothy 1:8 “Therefore, never be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord…”

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