Be Encouraged

Be Encouraged

Hey Ladies,
Who helps you up when you are down? Is it your friends, your mom, or your significant other? Who is that person that reminds you that you are somebody and you were made with a purpose? What if that friend has to take her child to soccer practice, when you need them to listen? What if your husbands at work and your mom can’t get to the phone right now…leave a message at the beep? Who do you turn to for encouragement?

If not them, then me…

The bible says that David encouraged himself in the Lord. He was in a situation where his own people were so upset at him that they wanted to kill him. Instead of getting stressed, crying in some corner waiting to die; David spoke words of courage to himself when everyone abandoned him. Sometimes we get so used to falling into the negative pit. Our words steady becoming more defeated, we start to take our own hope away with our very words and breath. How about saying “I can do this!” “God made me for a purpose!” “I am healed!” If you let your situations keeps you from your dreams and your purpose, you will fall into a pit of dust, old habits, and old mind set.

Confessions from the pit…

I think I have become so used to being negative that I have grown adverse or numb to positivity…I used to encourage myself. I used to not be afraid to speak things into existence. Honestly, I have fallen off. Do not let your dreams become your prison so much so that you are afraid to lose it. God should always be your center of joy, not the things you long for. Once you reprioritize your needs and wants. God will add. He will take care of you. Idolizing things will not get you there safely or at all. Even though it seems hard right now, I will push through..because I want God. I want the mind set God has for me. I want the life God has for me. More so than I want to give up. More than I want my way. It’s not going to be immediate. Sometimes you will have to push through your habitual reaction to change. But one step forward is one step closer.

And this is why I change..
1 Samuel 30:6

“…but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God. “

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